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Affordable, Accessible Hearing Care for Aging Well

Carrie Nieman, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Competition Sponsor: U.S. National Academy of Medicine Age-related hearing loss is nearly universal and is strongly and independently associated with negative outcomes in almost every domain of the aging process. The broader…

Catalyst Awardee

Anti-Aging Properties of a New Form of Non-Thermal Plasma

Benjamin Scherlag, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Competition Sponsor: National Academy of Medicine Our recent experiments discovered that free water molecules1 (size, 2.75Å) passed through glass pores (8 -12 Å). When confined, the inherent kinetic energy of free water molecules reacted to produce plasma. Experiments with this plasma…

Catalyst Awardee

Automated Cell Profiling Platform for Anti-Aging Drug Discovery

Bianca Migliori, PhD; New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute Competition Sponsor: U.S. National Academy of Medicine Age-dependent diseases are the leading cause of death and morbidity in industrialized countries. It is increasingly recognized that a more efficient strategy than targeting individual diseases will be to counteract aging itself, which…

Catalyst Awardee

Can Hormetic Stress Increase Vagal Tone and Slow Cell Aging?

Elissa Epel, PhD, Wendy Mendes, PhD, and Aric Prather, PhD, University of California, San Francisco Competition Sponsor: U.S. National Academy of Medicine There have been remarkable discoveries about life extension in lower organisms such as worms using hormetic stress.  Hormetic stress includes short term moderate stressors (such as temperature stress,…

Catalyst Awardee

CareBank: A PeerCare Platform Connecting Elders for the Pandemic and Aftermath

Claude Goodman, CareWheels Corporation; and Alan DeLaTorre, PhD, City of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability; Mark Leavitt, PhD, MD, CareWheels Corporation Competition Sponsor: National Academy of Medicine Loneliness and medication non-adherence are public health problems unsolved by conventional interventions. Recognizing these problems as interrelated offers new opportunities to develop…

Catalyst Awardee

Centenarian Species Genomes Project

Glenn Gerhard, MD, Lewiz Katz School of Medicine at Temple University; and Sudhir Kumar, PhD, Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine, Temple University
Competition Sponsor: National Academy of Medicine The central tenet to our idea is that in order to extend the human healthspan, the biological mechanisms that specify maximum…

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