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Catalyst Awardee

Novel top-to-toe screening system for early detecting sarcopenia

Jin-Chern Chiou; Liang-Kung Chen, MD, PhD; Competition Sponsor: Academia Sinica of Taiwan Sarcopenia has identified as a skeletal muscle disease in the international classification diseases (ICD-10). But its etiology and underlying mechanisms and effective treatment remain unavailable. The Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA), currently used for diagnosis, can’t apply for daily…

Catalyst Awardee

Connected speech analysis in elderly population

Yi-Chien Liu, MD, PhD; Chia-Ying Lee, PhD; Chi-Ting Chang, PhD; Chia-Ju Chou, PhD Competition Sponsor: Academia Sinica of Taiwan One of the most effective strategy in preventing pathological aging is very early diagnosis. In this project, we are more interested in differences related to “speech production”. Speech samples of both…

Catalyst Awardee

Dementia-MDIC Patch for Healthy People

Chen-Hsun Weng, Ph.D. | National Cheng Kung University, Medical Device Innovation Center (MDIC), Tainan, Taiwan; Yu-Sheng Lin, Ph.D. | Department of Mechanical Engineering, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology; and Sing Yung Bu, MS (MDIC), Jamie Liao, BS (MDIC), and Hans Chiang, MS (MDIC)
Competition Sponsor: Academia…

Catalyst Awardee

Development of Body Exoskeleton

Jung-Tang Huang, PhD, Po-Hsiang Chuang, MS (student), En-Yu Lin, MS (student), Chih-Ming Chuang, MS (student), Pei-Ying Chang (undergraduate), Pei-En Wu (undergraduate), Chien-Hsun Wang (undergraduate), Ping-Lun Tsai (undergraduate) | National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
Competition Sponsor: Academia Sinica
Awardee Year: 2020 This project will develop a High-load powered body…

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