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A new state-wide tele-health model to deliver ADRD tele-assessment and tailored care planning to older adults in low-access, high-risk rural communities

Jenay Beer, PhD; Lisa Renzi-Hammond, PhD; Denise Dizon Everson, Med Competition Sponsor: US National Academy of Medicine People are living longer than ever with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD), but the key to increased longevity and quality of life with ADRD is early and accurate diagnosis. ADRD are underdiagnosed,…

Catalyst Awardee

The Role of Mitochondrial in Stem Cell Transplantation

Atena Zahedi, PhD Competition Sponsor: US National Academy of Medicine Transplantation of human neural stem cells (hNSC) to repair damaged tissues in traumatic injuries has shown promise in pre-clinical studies and early clinical trials. Spinal cord injury (SCI) is marked by a secondary injury phase characterized by an ischemic oxidative…

Catalyst Awardee

Designing music-based interventions for aging-related pain: Sonifying body movement using interactive mobile technology to improve physical and psychological outcomes

Elizabeth Murnane, PhD Competition Sponsor: US National Academy of Medicine Music is potent medicine, positively contributing to human development, disease treatment, and overall well-being throughout the lifespan. Exploring how music-based interventions can transform how we promote healthy aging, this proposal focuses on managing pain, which increases with age and is…

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