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Catalyst Awardee

AI-enabled Portable Incontinence Management Device

  Srinjoy Mitra, PhD, Kianoush Nazarpour, PhD, and Susan Shenkin, MD Competition Sponsor:  UK Research and Innovation An overactive bladder is a common medical condition, particularly among the elderly. It leads to urinary incontinence (UI) and influences the quality of life for around 40% of those above 75 (>6million people…

Catalyst Awardee

A Career Pipeline for 50+ Service Leavers

Matt Flynn Competition Sponsor: UK Research and Innovation Every year, ~1,200 veterans leave the military after the age of 50 and look for civilian work that they value. However, many struggle to navigate the civilian job market and may spend years in low paid or precarious work before they find…

Catalyst Awardee

Counselling People with Dementia: a feasibility study investigating the potential for accessible therapy delivered through a social enterprise model

  Gillian Matthews, PhD, and Heather Wilkinson, PhD Competition Sponsor:  UK Research and Innovation We want to test an accessible, community-based, counselling model to help meet the emotional health and well-being needs of people with dementia.
There is a clear gap in counselling for people with dementia (PwD) and carers.…

Catalyst Awardee

Re-dressing Ageism in Fashion

  Hannah Swift, PhD Competition Sponsor: UK Research and Innovation Ageism in the fashion industry is widespread and costly to businesses, consumers and wider society. Consumers feel excluded from mainstream fashion because ageing is not reflected positively, if at all, in the industry or in the imagery we see in…

Catalyst Awardee

Active Ageing Environments

Nick Hamilton, BEng, and Maxine Gregory, BSc Competition Sponsor: UK Research and Innovation Physical activity has been engineered out of our lives; mechanization, automation and digitization have left us sedentary, indoors and tied to our screens. Physical inactivity adversely effects health, mental wellbeing and quality of life at all ages…

Catalyst Awardee

ReViewing Physical Activity in Older Adulthood

  Fiona Gillison, PhD, Elisabeth Grey, PhD, and Julie Barnett, PhD Competition Sponsor:  UK Research and Innovation Increasing physical activity in older age helps to reduce, delay or even reverse the development of chronic diseases, and can improve mobility, enhance wellbeing and reduce social isolation. However, most older adults don’t…

Catalyst Awardee

Co-developing a sustainable, meaningful, digital platform to enhance mobility and active ageing of community dwelling older adults (>75 years).

Khalid Ali, PhD, Henglien Lisa Chen, PhD, and Sally Fowler Davis, MEd Competition Sponsor: UK Research and Innovation Remaining mobile is important to older people in enabling them to participate in meaningful social, cultural, and physical activities, accessing neighbourhood facilities, and belonging to a community. The adverse impact of limited…

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