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Catalyst Awardee

Making Reading Real

  Aida Suarez Gonzalez, PhD Competition Sponsor: UK Research and Innovation What is the problem I am solving?
How would you feel if, while reading this text, letters and words started merging or disappearing, making your reading impossible, and you knew there was nothing you could do to recover your…

Catalyst Awardee

Development of an Intelligent Robotic Knee Device to Support and Monitor Rehabilitation Therapy for the Ageing Population with Knee Osteoarthritis

  Aiqin Liu, PhD, Shane Xie, PhD, and Louise Jennings, PhD Competition Sponsor: UK Research and Innovation “Knee osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of chronic pain and disability in older people. Rehabilitation exercise is an essential treatment to reduce osteoarthritis pain, improve knee function and increase mobility. It…

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