NAM Catalyst Awards Webinar for Prospective Applicants

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) will host an informational webinar for those interested in learning more about the upcoming second round of the NAM’s US-based Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award Competition. The event is free and will take place on Friday, January 22 from 12-1pm EST. A link to the recording will also be made available soon after.

This is an optional webinar for those interested in applying to the NAM’s US-based Catalyst Awards, part of the broader Healthy Longevity Global Competition. In 2021, the NAM will issue up to 24 Catalyst Awards for bold, new, potentially transformative ideas to improve people’s physical, mental, or social health and wellbeing as they age. During the webinar, viewers will learn more about what the NAM looks for in these applications and how the prize program is unique. Viewers will also hear from a few Catalyst Awardees from the first round of the competition who will share their experiences applying for the award, describe their diverse projects (with a focus on innovation), and explain how the prize will help further their work.


Carrie Nieman, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University

  • Project: Affordable, Accessible Hearing Care for Aging Well

Vineet Raghu, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Project: Deep Learning to Predict Biological Age and Longevity from Chest Radiographs

Nikhil Shah, DO, MPH, Nephrodite, Inc., University of Texas, Austin

  • Project: Development of an Implantable, Continuously Operating, Patient-Friendly Renal Replacement System for Transforming Home Dialysis

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