Healthy Longevity Global Competition awardees inspire and innovate toward healthy aging

Supporting lives filled with good health, well-being, purpose, and dignity.

In the past century, the world’s population of people over age 65 has grown more rapidly than other age groups due to longer life spans and declining birth rates. To help spur innovation across the many sectors that this shift demands, the U.S. National Academy of Medicine and its global collaborators are supporting the advancement of breakthrough research and innovation to improve health for people at all stages of life by issuing awards through the Healthy Longevity Global Competition.

Since 2020, 430 prizes have been awarded in the first phase of the competition, the Catalyst Phase, worth over $21 million. Catalyst Awards are open to health care workers, scientists, researchers, social scientists, industry professionals, and others in over 50 countries and territories. Awardees are rewarded for bold and innovative projects that focus on extending the human healthspan through disease prevention, mobility, functionality, social connectedness, longevity, and more. Now, in this inspiring video, you can meet 21 Catalyst Awardees from around the world. Learn more about the speakers and their work on the project webpages.

Thank you to all the Awardees who contributed to this video! It was premiered at the 2022 Global Innovator Summit. You can view the discussions from the 2-day summit here >>>

The next cycle of Catalyst Award applications will open in January 2023. Register for updates to be notified when the NAM and its global collaborators are accepting applications for Catalyst and Accelerator Awards. Sign up for updates >>>

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