Johnson & Johnson Innovation Names Awardees in the NAM Healthy Longevity 2022 QuickFire Challenge

September 27, 2022  Johnson & Johnson Innovation, together with the National Academy of Medicine, announced that Dartmouth College, flowbone, Grapheal, Human Vaccines Project, Massachusetts General Hospital, MiWEndo Solutions, Solarea Bio, The Ohio State University and Tokyo Institute of Technology have been selected as the awardees in the NAM Healthy Longevity 2022 QuickFire Challenge.

The NAM Healthy Longevity 2022 QuickFire Challenge, was an exclusive opportunity for 2021 & 2020 international Catalyst Award winners to apply for additional grant funding and support from Johnson & Johnson Innovation as they continue on their innovation journey.

The 2021 International Catalyst Award winners are Dartmouth College, flowbone, Human Vaccines Project, Solarea Bio, and Tokyo Institute of Technology. They will receive grant funding to advance their research and mentorship opportunities from experts across The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.*

Dartmouth College

The Dartmouth College team is developing music-based interventions with a focus on reducing chronic pain, minimizing cognitive decline, and generally promoting healthy aging.


flowbone is engineering a highly injectable bone-seeding nanobiomaterial that stimulates ossification for rapid bone repair and strengthening, potentially reducing the incidence of osteoporotic hip fractures.

The Human Vaccines Project

The Human Vaccines Project is identifying potential biomarkers of effective immunity for experimental Parkinson’s Disease vaccine development.

Solarea Bio

Solarea Bio is harnessing the untapped microbial diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables with the aim of managing inflammatory diseases.

Tokyo Institute of Technology

The Tokyo Institute of Technology team is decoding age-dependent trajectory of exosomal protein in healthy aging and Alzheimer’s pathology.

The 2020 International Catalyst Award winners are Grapheal, Massachusetts General Hospital, MiWEndo Solutions, and The Ohio State University. They will receive grant funding to advance their research and mentorship opportunities from experts at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.


Grapheal is exploiting the properties of graphene with the aim of collecting high-quality molecular data anywhere via a connected digital solution.

MiWEndo Solutions

MiWEndo Solutions is developing and validating a disposable medical device that hopes to use microwave imaging as the basis for early colorectal cancer detection.

Massachusetts General Hospital

The team at Massachusetts General Hospital aims to predict the risk of incident lung cancer from a routine chest x-ray image via their deep learning tool (CXR-LC) to promote early diagnosis.

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is working to develop WheelTrak – a wheelchair condition monitoring technology that aims to reduce the risk of wheelchair failures and injury to elderly wheelchair users.

The QuickFire Challenges are managed by Johnson & Johnson Innovation—JLABS, with the goal to help address today’s greatest health care challenges.

* Subject to the execution of the necessary (award) agreements and documentation

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