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Understanding Brain Resiliency to Improve the Experience of Aging

By Olivia Ramirez The brain has vast and innumerable complexities in its structure and function. Dr. Michael McConnell is one of the scientists working to better understand the brain and more specifically why some brains retain full function despite showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease post-mortem. McConnell has always been interested… Read Article »

Using Biological Age to Detect and Mitigate Chronic Disease

By Olivia Ramirez Dr. Vineet Raghu set out to pursue a career in medicine when he began attending the University of Pittsburgh. But, two years into his undergraduate studies, he took a computer science course and his plans changed. Raghu developed a passion for computational genomics, the process of using… Read Article »

3 Scientists Who Could Change Your Golden Years

During the first round of the Healthy Longevity Global Competition Catalyst Awards, numerous applications were submitted with ideas to extend human healthspan and improve the experience of aging. From hundreds of applications, 21 National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Catalyst Awardees were identified. Three of these awardees, Dr. Alessandro Biffi, Nathan… Read Article »

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