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Catalyst Phase

The Catalyst Awards will reward bold, innovative ideas that could extend the human health span through disease prevention, mobility, functionality, social connectedness, longevity, and more. Approximately 450 awards worth $50,000 USD each will be given out over 3 years. The first cycle of the Catalyst phase begins in January 2020, with two subsequent rounds of awards in 2021 and 2022.
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Accelerator Phase

Accelerator Awards will provide awards worth $300,000 USD or more to meritorious awardees who have demonstrated significant progress and achieved proof of concept. Winners of Catalyst Awards will be well-positioned for Accelerator funding.

The Accelerator phase is expected to begin in 2021.

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Grand Prize

The Grand Prize will serve as the capstone of the competition by rewarding the achievement of a bold and transformative innovation. One or more grand prize(s) of up to $5 million USD will be awarded for achievement of a breakthrough innovation that extends the human health span. Although the Grand Prize is open to anyone, winners of Accelerator Awards will be well positioned for the prize.

The Grand Prize phase is expected to begin in 2023.