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Personalized test for intestinal microflora and health management of the elderly

Catalyst Awardee
Zhang Xinlei, PhD, Jiang Taijiao, PhD and Wang Yongqiang, PhD, Suzhou Geneworks Technology Co., Ltd Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences In recent years, population aging has become a…
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An Integrated and Precise Medical System for CABG

Yu Yang MD, Bi Yong PhD, Yang Jian, PhD, Cheng Dewen, PhD, Yu Wenyuan, MD, liu Hongli, MD, Fan Kangjun, MD, Chen Liang, MD, Ding Xiaohang, MD, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is the treatment generally recommended…
Catalyst Awardee

Sleep Guardian: An RF-Based System Guarding Your Sleeping

Yu Gu, PhD, Miao Sun, Undergraduate, Anyi Guo, Undergraduate, and Ken Chen, Postgraduate, Hefei University of Technology Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences “Sleep, like air, food, and water, is a basic necessity for the human being.” -WHO Sleep is crucial for the wellness of older adults’ physical and…
Catalyst Awardee

Intelligent laryngeal mask based on flexible pH sensing technology

Xia Min, PhD, Assistant professor, Chen Xu, Attending physician, Wu Hao, Resident physician, Department of anesthesiology, the First Affiliated Hospital of University of Science and Technology of China; Zhang Wei, PhD, Assistant professor, Li Nengbing, Executive director, Xiamen flexible electronics research institute. Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences We…
Catalyst Awardee

Public Service Informatization in the Context of the Aging Health

Wenjie WU, Professor, PhD(LSE), Jinan University, Guangzhou, China; Qunxia MAO, Associate Professor, PhD, National Research Institute for Family Planning, Beijing, China; Guobing CHEN, Professor, PhD(Australian National University), Deputy Dean of School of Medicine and Public Health, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China; Zhuoming CHEN, Professor, PhD, First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University,…

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