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Sustainable food for healthy longevity


Ximena Rodríguez, MS | Bernardo O´Higgins University; Fancy Rojas, MS; Mario Castillo, PhD; Sebastián Correa, PhD; Jairo Torres, MS; Raúl Piñuñuri, MS
Competition Sponsor: Chile Agencia Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo
Awardee Year: 2022

The Wholesale Markets generate 18,000 tons per year corresponding to organic waste, mainly from waste compounds such as leaves, stems and products not suitable for sale, generating food waste, causing pressure on natural resources and contributing to greenhouse gases emissions.
There is an environmental innovation since from the recovery of food waste they will be transformed into new foods, optimizing the circular economy process. It is also a social innovation since these new foods will be distributed free of charge to vulnerable older adults, expanding their food matrix with healthy and nutritious foods.
This is the right time for this idea because agriculture impacts climate change by emitting greenhouse gases. Also because due to covid 19, the elderly beneficiaries of the food bank have been increasing, added to greater food insecurity worldwide.
It will be a quasi-experimental study with a control group of 25 older adults and an intervention group of 25 older adults, beneficiaries of a Food Bank Foundation. Participants will be selected through a non- probabilistic test for convenience. They must be self-reliant and aware.
The effectiveness of this project would be measured by comparing the intervention group with the control groups before and after the intervention, as well as to compare the pre with the post intervention in the intervened group.


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