Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

A Spine Healthcare Risk Management Platform based on IoT(Internet of Things) Edge Computing

Wanru Duan, MD; Zan Chen, MD, PhD; Wentao Tang, MBA; Luying Zhang, BA; Chong Fan, MA; Mingfa Zeng, BA | Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University
Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Award year:  2021

Spine-related health problems have a great impact on the quality of life, and increasingly become a major health problem. People concerning about their spine health usually learn various “cervical exercises” from the Internet or TV, or even wear “neck holder” and “waist protection”. However, the problem of these methods is that they cannot get professional guidance easily and effectively. How to carry out professional and convenient daily management of spinal health?

In this project, a sensor device with the core of spine health monitoring is designed to monitor the posture of human spine at rest and in motion in real-time. Five core planes on the spine were demarcated, and the core plane data were labeled with the spinal health of volunteers. Then the AI algorithm was used to train the model, and the relationship between the core plane data and the spinal health was established. Then, patients only need to wear sensors to obtain their spinal health data through model calculation. Real-time monitoring of rehabilitation exercise and warning of overactivity for users.

This project will establish an interactive platform to connect the wearer, data terminal and professional medical team, so that patients can easily get professional health advice and reminders in the process of home health care and rehabilitation. From the business perspective, the goal includes the output of medical and consumer wearable spine health care and monitoring products, and the provision of wearable devices and internet medical resource value-added services.

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