Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Alternative pain-free drug delivery solution for patients who need regular injections

David Uzoni,
BA; Balazs Polacsek, MSc; Tamas Kolb, MSc; Peter Adam, MSc; Tibor Ajpli, BSc; Barnabas Majay, MSc; Zsolt Finta, BSc; Yevgeniy Levkovets, BSc | DP Innovations
Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union
Awardee Year: 2022

Our company DP Innovations is developing a pocket-sized electronic inhalation device as an alternative pain-free drug delivery solution for patients who need regular injections. Injections like insulin for diabetes, where multiple studies show that less than 50% of patients meet the required sugar levels, due to poor treatment monitoring and inconvenience of needles. Unlike current asthma inhalers that are imprecise and wasteful, we are able to deliver a broader spectrum of reformulated drugs using our proprietary dosing technology, that lets patients inhale exact quantities and accurately track their treatment in an app without any extra work. So far we’ve done 5 years of R&D, our devices were tested by private institutions and universities, we partnered with a biotechnology company and now we are looking to conduct studies and begin pilot projects with live drugs.


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