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Project Description

Basic Research for Creation of Exercise Pills that Improve QOL of the Elderly by Combatting Sarcopenia and Frailty

Toshihiko Ogura, Ph.D., M.D. | Tohoku University; Toshio Hakoshima, Ph.D. | Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Competition Sponsor: Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development
Awardee Year: 2020

Medical intervention that keeps elderly people socially, economically and physically active would have great beneficial impacts on our society aging rapidly all over the world. To do an unprecedented trial, we propose here exploitation of exercise pills, one of the anti-aging geroprotectors, which combat sarcopenia and frailty, and eventually extend both healthspan and lifespan.
At the moment, only exercise and caloric restriction (CR) have been shown to definitely extend lifespan, and several chemical compounds that possess exercise-mimetic and CR-mimetic effects are under extensive analyses, although their molecular mechanisms of actions are largely unknown. This unsolved mystery is the biggest obstacle, preventing the development of effective geroprotectors and exercise pills. We are identifying molecular targets of exercise-mimetic and CR-mimetic chemical compounds. We have successfully identified several “druggable” targets and solved their X-ray crystal structures at an atomic resolution, which are essential to design safe and more efficient drugs. In our modern sedentary lifestyle, novel exercise mimetics, which will be developed based on our findings, could benefit the welfare of people and our society.

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