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Project Description

Biel Digital Glasses

Jaume Puig, BA; Constanza Lucero, PhD; Eulalia Sanchez, MSc; Jordi Puig, BSc; Alex Cabañeros Lopez, MSc; Arthur Díaz Juan, MSc; Saskia Mülheim, MSc; Ishan Talathi, MBA

Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union

The name of the company came from Biel, the son of the founders, who was born with low vision (LV), a visual disability 7 times more common than blindness, that cannot be corrected with regular glasses, medicine, or surgery. People with LV suffer mobility problems such as falls, collisions and disorientation, especially when they suffer peripheral vision loss, like in Glaucoma or Retinitis Pigmentosa. These mobility issues have direct health effects: 63% of falls require medical attention, and 36% have long-term consequences. There are also indirect effects: Mobility reduction causes dependence, inability to work and social isolation. The consequent sedentary lifestyle causes cardiovascular and psychological problems.

We are a team of experts in technology, optometry and medicine that has joined to create digital glasses that use 3D Vision, AI and Mixed Reality, to improve the mobility and personal autonomy of people like Biel. Our Smart Glasses recognize obstacles, traffic lights, and ground changes, like steps, and indicate them to the patient using mixed reality. Furthermore, they include zoom and other image enhancement functions to improve the overall vision.

We have a functional MVP, certified with a CE Mark for a Class 1 medical device, that we are testing on patients with remarkable preliminary results. In the future, we will include advanced functions like LV adapted navigation.

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