Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Build elders on-line community for regular rehabilitation and daily muscle training

Kuan-Chun Sun, PhD | FREE Bionics; Cheng-Hua Wu, Founder/CEO; Ming-Chang Teng, CTO; Yi-Jeng Tsai, PhD; Chia-En Huang, PhD
Competition Sponsor: Academia Sinica
Awardee Year: 2023

This project is based on a portable and home-used robot, called NimBO, which could provide single joint muscle evaluation, training (ex: isokinetic, isotonic, isometric, passive/assist-active range of motion), and bilateral tele-operated control system for doctor to review user’s status and renew training program remotely. An APP will be developed as a key role between controller of robot, interaction with doctor, and connection to on-line community.

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