Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Developing therapeutic agents reverse ageing and metabolic decline

Cary Depel; Paul Baldock; Guy Barry, Alanna Scott | Magnaetus Therapeutics; Eric Leire, MD | Genflow Biosciences 
Competition Sponsor: US National Academy of Medicine
Awardee Year: 2023


Magnaetus Therapeutics believes that in order for longevity measures to be most effective, lifespan increases must be twinned with supportive metabolic interventions. This will ensure the ultimate aim of greater quality, as well as quantity of life, for the increasing majority of our population that is overweight/obese. To deliver on this aim, Magnaetus is working with Genflow Biosciences to develop peptide therapeutics based upon the multiple metabolic activities of a novel circulating protein. Serum levels of this hormone are increased by exercise and calorie restriction, and suppressed by ageing, obesity and inactivity. It exhibits endocrine effects across numerous aspects of the energy economy, acting to mimic the downstream benefits of exercise and calorie restriction.
Longevity is directly targeted through a feed-forward loop with mTOR suppression. This is coupled with additional capabilities, including appetite suppression, fat burning and insulin production/sensitivity. The discrimination of these activities is realised through selection of individual loops of the parent protein’s repeated helical structure, enabling tailoring of therapeutic response to patient needs through production of specific peptide therapeutics.


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