Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Development and application of AI-assisted home skeletal muscle health exercise system for the elderly

Wang Zhong, M.M. | Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital; Tiantongyuan North Community Healthcare Center; Wang Ziwen, M.M., Hu Kai,MBA, Wang Jingyi, M.M., Liu Wenbin, EMBA, Lin Baoliang, Bachelor Degree, Yang Kaiyue, M.M.
Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Awardee Year: 2022


Aging is a normal physiological process in which body functions inevitably decline with age, especially in skeletal muscle. More and more studies have shown that skeletal muscle health is closely related to health in old age. If we can effectively store skeletal muscle mass and improve the health status of skeletal muscle through behavioral intervention at the early stage, it will be possible to delay aging, realize the change of mode and concept from “supporting for old” to “preventing old”, and improve the healthy life expectancy. The research and application of AI assisted skeletal muscle healthy exercise system is of great significance to help the elderly to realize active pension, health and longevity.


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