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Development And Promotion of Portable Oral Cancer Screening and Intelligent Diagnosis System Based on Raman Spectroscopy

Zhang Tao, DDS, MD, Ph.D |Beijing Union Medical College Hospital;  Guo Chunlan, DDS, MD, Ph.D; Zhu Zhihui, DDS, MD; Li Xing, DDS, B.Ec; Zhao Ruiqi, DDS
Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Awardee Year: 2022

This project combined Raman spectroscopy analysis technology and artificial intelligence algorithm to develop fast, portable, and non-invasive intelligent Raman spectroscopy analysis and detection equipment for oral cancer diagnosis. Optical fiber Raman spectroscopy was used as an oral tissue data acquisition method to construct an extensive data set of oral tissue Raman spectroscopy, combined with deep learning algorithm to establish the oral tissue attribute identification model. Furthermore, the deep learning model was optimized and deployed to edge computing devices with high accuracy.
Preoperative intelligent diagnosis of early oral mucosal lesions and cancer tissues with high sensitivity and high specificity is helpful for timely and accurate diagnosis of oral cancer tissues in patients. This project has successfully accepted the Frontier Projects of Beijing Natural Science Foundation-Haidian Joint Innovation Fund in December 2021 and has been recognized by many professionals from well-known international and domestic research institutions.
This project is likely to improve the diagnosis and screening level of oral cancer, contribute to the early detection and early treatment of oral cancer patients, improve the survival rate and survival status, and promote the clinical application of Raman spectroscopy. The Raman spectroscopy equipment for in-vivo detection of oral cancer based on artificial intelligence will fill the gap of non-invasive oral cancer diagnosis technology in China.


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