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Digital Technology Solutions to Improve the Vision-Specific Quality of Life

Tan Cheng Sim Anna, M.B.B.S., MMed | Singapore Eye Research Institute; Angelique Chan, D.Phil. | Duke-NUS Graduate School; and Ecosse Lamoureux, M.S., D.Phil. | Singapore Eye Research Institute
Competition Sponsor: Ministry of Health and National Research Foundation of Singapore
Awardee Year: 2020

Aim: To assess the level of digital readiness and the effectiveness of digital technology solutions (STAAR-Q) on vision-specific quality of life (VS-QOL) and social engagement in visually impaired (VI) older patients. Hypotheses/Background: A robust assessment tool (STAAR-Q) can assess the digital readiness and the impact of various digital technologies on the VS-QOL and social engagement. The VI older population compared to a healthy older population, is likely to have lower levels of digital readiness and hence have more barriers to use digital technology. Customized accessibility feature training can improve the digital readiness of the VI older population and help increase usability of digital technology solutions likely to improve visual functioning, VS-QOL and social engagement. Methodology: We plan to develop, validate and implement an assessment tool (STAAR-Q), which will consist of an electronic questionnaire and pre-specified digital tasks to assess various aspects of digital readiness. Through the implementation of the STAAR-Q in a prospective case control study, digital readiness will be compared between the normal sighted and visually impaired older individuals. The STAAR-Q will also assess the efficacy of various methods of accessibility training for mobile SMART devices, software applications and other assistive technology devices and will evaluate the impact of digital readiness on using digital technology solutions to improve visual function, VS-QOL and promote social engagement. The results of this study can help with planning effective future accessibility feature training programs, provide an objective, standardized manner to assess the impact of digital technology solutions and provide ideas for future development of new devices.

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