Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Drug discovery and mechanism investigation in novel 3D systemic in vitro model for Alzheimer’s disease

ZHANG YIZHONG; Frank Eisenhaber; Mohammad Alfatah| BII – Bioinformatics Institute 
Competition Sponsor:
 Ministry of Health and National Research Foundation of Singapore
Awardee year: 2023


Human life expectancy has been rising drastically over the past two centuries, healthspan does not increase to the same degree as lifespan due to chronic diseases accompanying aging. For example, Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the profound loss of cognitive functions and behavioral abilities. The number of affected individuals is growing rapidly due to the aging of human populations, and the severe effects of such diseases on the quality of life have increased the burden on healthcare systems and societal support systems. Currently, there is neither effective treatment nor a clear understanding of the disease’s pathophysiology. It is crucial to build a new model for Alzheimer’s disease that is both human origin and systemically representative. In this proposal, we aim to develop a medium-throughput assay to validate chemicals we previously identified to extend the cellular lifespan in an Alzheimer’s disease model. We also aim to combine previously available iPSC cells, 3D organoids, and fluidic systems to construct an integrated system that provides a highly accurate model for Alzheimer’s disease in vitro. This novel model will be used to analyze the mechanism of action of chemical compounds, providing new insights into the disease’s pathophysiology.

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