Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

eBreathie Smart-Inhaler

Ana Rita Constante, MD | eBreathie; Ana Filipa Rebelo, MSc; Ana Rita Rebelo, MSc; Alexandre Costa, MSc
Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union
Awardee Year: 2023


eBreathie stands as a pivotal innovation in respiratory health, offering a transformative approach to asthma management. Central to eBreathie is its smart-inhaler device, which reimagines the traditional inhaler as a technologically advanced, digitally connected tool. Through sophisticated sensors, the device not only records when medication is administered but, crucially, measures the inhalatory profile of each user. This objective measurement holds the promise of ensuring that medication reaches the lung effectively, addressing a longstanding challenge in asthma care.
The comprehensive mobile application accompanying eBreathie’s smart inhaler acts as a real-time interface for patients. It provides access to their individual inhalation profiles, allowing them to track medication efficacy and adherence. Additionally, patients can log symptoms, access information about air quality and allergens, and receive prompt reminders for pending medication doses.|Augmenting the system’s capabilities is the “Asthma Preview” AI algorithm. By processing patient-specific data, this feature can predict potential asthma triggers and provide early alerts for deteriorating conditions, enabling preemptive interventions even before symptoms manifest.
The project also introduces a dedicated patient management platform tailored for healthcare providers. Here, professionals can gain a clinical overview of patient data, including therapeutic adherence metrics and insights into disease progression. A seamlessly integrated communication channel further facilitates telemedicine consultations, bridging distances in care provision.
In sum, eBreathie’s initiative melds the precision of technology with the nuances of patient-centered care. By ensuring medication efficacy through objective measurements and leveraging predictive algorithms, it ushers in a new paradigm in asthma management.

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