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Environmental Risk Factors and Successful Aging: Environmental Exposome Systematic Study

Qun Xu, PhD | Institute of Basic Medical Sciences Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, School of Basic Medicine Peking Union Medical College; Meiduo Zhao, PhD; Jing Xu, PhD; Ang Li, PhD; Yayuan Mei, BS; Quan Zhou, BS; Jiaxin Zhao, MS; Xiaoyu Ge, MS; Yanbing Li, BS; Kai Li, BS; Guohuan Yin, BS; Ming Yang, BS; Jingtao Wu, BS; Yaoyu Hu, BS; Yisen Yang, BS; Shuanzheng Zhao, BS
Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Awardee Year: 2022

Healthy China keeps our new working goal. A healthy elderly population is a top priority in building the beautiful China, especially at a time when we are faced with a rapidly growing proportion of the elderly population. Therefore, it proves an urgent action to explore effective environmental interventions to promote the health of the elderly population as well as reduce the disease burden especially caused by non-communicable diseases.
Our team want to reveal the effects of multiple environmental exposures (air pollution, heavy metal, OPEs and PFAS) on health outcomes (cognitive ability, CVDs, telomere length, disability) and to provide population-based epidemiological evidence for the development of environmental control policies.
We hope to achieve the following expected project results: Set up a system to evaluate the environmental exposure and health effect from the perspective of exposome; and further, provide a series of new policy recommendations for the control and prevention of environmental pollution based on current pollution and control strategy.

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