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Foren Method

Charo Ortín, PhD, Guillermo Pérez del Pulgar, PhD, Maria Cayón, and Rafael Naveiro | Foren Project S.L.
Competition Sponsor: EIT Health
Awardee Year: 2020

In Foren we have developed a disruptive multimodal and non-invasive therapeutic product to treat motor injuries caused by stroke and other motor disorders, called Foren Method.

The method combines intensive rehabilitation with electrostimulation and virtual reality. Virtual reality has previously been used as an exciter of the nervous system for therapeutic purposes. From Método Foren, we propose a technique in process of patent that imitates the real environment of the patient in an intensive and immersive way, managing to deceive the brain and activating its response much more. This technique supposes a specific therapeutic target for the mirror neurons much more intense than the previous state of art, resulting in a better motor response in the therapy.

The uniqueness of the Method and the associated “real VR” technique, relies on the capacity to intensively stimulate the mirror neuron system, improving the brain plasticity and reinforcing motor control. Coordinated excitation with electrostimulation allows to work the musculo-skeletal system, improving contractile activity, metabolism and trophism. The tool means a huge improvement in the fight against immobilism and all the sequels related to it, such as sarcopenia or osteoporosis in the elderly. In the case of chronic patients with neurological diseases, with a shorter life expectancy, it helps to combat muscle weakness, prevent deformities and maintain an active life.

In a more general way, our product reduces recovery times and healthcare costs with respect to current solutions. The ongoing product development and the projected trials expect to lead the product to the international commercialization in the coming months

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