Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Gamification in eHealth intervention to enhance learning and self-care management for post-stroke care

Elaine Siow Kee Chen; Alan Wong; Jade Soh Gek Sang; Jocelyn Koh Mei Lin
; Jeannie Lee Su Ann; David Tan Wee Lit; Agnes Xue Lishan; Yar Kar Peo; Loh Yong Joo; Lam Siu Lin June; Sathya Sambandam
Competition Sponsor: Ministry of Health and National Research Foundation of Singapore
Awardee year: 2021

Gamification is the method of applying game elements to motivate people to engage in targeted behaviors. There is limited application of gamified electronic health (eHealth) for stroke care to enhance learning and self-care management. The use of novel approaches to enhance learning and self-care management may help promote healthy living and aging among stroke survivors. Informal caregivers make important contributions by promoting self-care management to stroke survivors. When stroke survivors and informal caregivers are more knowledgeable about stroke care, the self-care management by stroke survivors will be more effective. The stroke survivors’ quality of life can be enhanced by preventing the complications associated with stroke through the early recognition and prompt response of stroke symptoms. We plan to conduct a mixed-methods study.Eligible stroke survivor and caregiver dyads will be recruited to use the eHealth intervention for one month in a community hospital. Quantitative data will be collected at the time of hospital discharge. Qualitative data and usage statistics will be collected one-month after hospital discharge to explore how users are adapting at home. The study findings may inform how stroke survivors can be reintegrated back to the community using innovative approaches in stroke care education.

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