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Integrated Technology Platform to Support Optimal Management of Ageing with Diabetes

Dr. Mohammed  Benaissa | The University of Sheffield; Dr. Tim Good, Dr. Mohammad Eissa; Dr. Zheng Hui; Ms. Hoda Nemat; Mr. Heydar Khadem; Dr. Jackie Elliott | Sheffield Teaching Hospitals; Mrs. Carla Gianfranesco; Mrs. Carolin Taylor
Competition Sponsor:
UK Research & Innovation
Awardee Year: 2020

The complex relationship between diabetes, physical and cognitive decline, and ageing is not well understood (understudied) often leading to sub-optimal management of people with diabetes as they get older. This in turn results in higher risk of diabetes related complications and increased incidence of morbidity and disability in this population in later years.

The aim of this proposal is to provide a single technology platform that will implement a data-driven approach to the analysis of this complex relationship via automated machine learning (ML)-driven analytics based on the real-time remote monitoring of the key diabetes markers (Blood Glucose, Insulin, Carbohydrates) and incorporating physical activity measures, as well as cognitive assessment scores. This integrated environment will provide decision support for optimal diabetes management and service planning and provision for healthcare, social and community care. This will enable a shift from the current unsustainable, static and reactive management model, to a future-proof dynamic, intelligent proactive model.

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