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IPLEXMED-Resp - Point-of-care and at-home digital device for non-invasive diagnosis of clinical and resistant respiratory infections

Bruno Almeida, PhD, CEO | IPLEXMED; Neide Vieira, PhD; Joana Guerreiro, PhD; Jérôme Borme, PhD,
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EIT Health of the European Union

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In recent years, the growing incidence of Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRDs) has significantly impacted global morbidity and mortality trends, positioning them as the third leading cause of death worldwide. Currently, over a billion individuals globally face CRDs, which make them highly susceptible to respiratory infections. These infections, often resistant to antimicrobials, lead to irreversible lung damage and premature death. A critical gap exists in the access of swift, user-friendly, and precise first-line molecular diagnostic tools capable of identifying these infections and their Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) profiles at the point-of-care (emergency room) and for at-home monitoring. IPLEXMED is bridging this gap with a pioneering solution that facilitates the dependable identification of multiple infectious agents along with their drug resistance patterns in a single, 20-minute run, using a non-invasive sample, both at point-of-care and home settings. This innovation empowers personalized treatment strategies and real-time disease surveillance, mitigating morbidity and mortality associated with CRDs. By averting unnecessary hospitalizations and antibiotic prescriptions, we project a substantial 40% reduction in healthcare provider costs. Moreover, our product is poised to make a significant dent in the 112 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) attributed to CRDs annually. Given the heightened risk of developing CRDs with aging – a factor amplified by the increasing global elderly population – our solution stands as a pillar for promoting healthier aging and enhancing disease management among the elderly.”

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