Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Leaflet Splitting Device for Prevention of Coronary Obstruction in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Yuan Feng, MD |West China Hospital, Sichuan University; Chen Fei, MD; Zhao Zhengang, MD Wang Haishan, Bachelor Degree; Sun Danzhong, Bachelor Degree; Xiao Zhenxin, Master Degree
Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Awardee Year: 2023

Aortic stenosis is a common cardiovascular disease with a high fatality rate, and minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has revolutionized its treatment paradigm with the rapid rise in recent years. However, the risk of coronary occlusion is one of the key problems in the whole life cycle management of aortic stenosis in the era of TAVR, which restricts the application of TAVR, ViV-TAVR and Redo-TAVR to more elderly  patients with aortic valve disease. Although coronary protection and BASILICA technology have been proposed to provent coronary obstruction, they have many shortcomings. Through systematic investigation, the project team intends to develop a special valve  leaflet cutting device based on the principle of BASILICA technology to reduce the risk of coronary artery occlusion in these scenarios, so that more elderly patients with aortic valve disease can benefit from new minimally invasive interventional technologies and promote the realization of “healthy and long life”.The project is expected to design and manufacture a domestic leaflet cutting device that meets the standards and specifications of human applications, apply for at least two core patents, form a standardized operation process, complete FIM research, and lay the foundation for pre-market confirmatory testing.

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