Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Medical Engineering Transformation Of Multiple Wearable Products And Risk Warning Model Construction For Heart Failure And Sudden Cardiac Death

Tong Zou, PhD | Beijing Hospital; Maigeng Zhou, PhD; Yamin Bai, PhD; Peng Yin, PhD;Kai Xing, PhD; Jie Zheng, PhD;Jia Wang, MD; You Lv, MD;Min Dong, MD; Yuqing Tian, MD; Suijun Tong, MD; Rui Wang, MD; Donghao Liu, MD
Competition Sponsor:
 Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Awardee Year: 2023

Aiming to address the significant demands of active health management for preventing heart failure and sudden cardiac death, which are characterized by high incidence, high risk, high mortality, and high disability rates, this project utilizes robust data integration techniques both within and outside hospitals to construct a comprehensive and efficient early warning model. By employing a “mathematical data dual drive” approach in technical research on multi-modal non-invasive wearable intelligent sensing devices, combined with long-term and multi-dimensional data analysis, the project aims to achieve successful product transformation implementation while optimizing the early warning model. The effectiveness of the early warning model as well as multiple non-invasive wearable mobile products will be validated through clinical research to establish a foundation for auxiliary diagnosis and treatment guidance. With support from an information cloud platform, a collaborative medical center based on “Beijing Hospital” has been established to facilitate seamless coordination across various stages including China CDC – emergency center – tertiary hospital – community – home. Furthermore, an initial demonstration model of a system linkage big data analysis and management platform has been developed to enable proactive response towards aging-related cardiovascular diseases while promoting active health management.

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