Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

New generation of contrast agents for MRI

Donatella Vecchione, PhD; Maria Russo, PhD; Alfonso Maria Ponsiglione, PhD; Enza Torino, PhD; Paolo Antonio Netti, PhD

Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the most used diagnostic modality and more than 40% of MRI scans (> 30M/year) are performed with Contrast Agents (CAs). Despite the use of CAs, medical images still have poor quality and clinicians are forced to inject high dosage, causing CAs deposition in the body and acute side effects.
Kyme NanoImaging Srl has the solution: we patented a nanotechnology platform to combine biomaterials with clinically used CAs. Our formulation enhances the contrast capability of CAs up to 12 times, potentially improving the safety of patients.
Our products make visible anatomical details otherwise not appreciable, ensuring better diagnoses, potentially reducing side effects and widening the range of treatable patients.

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