Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

No autograft: Bone regeneration using carbonate apatite bone replacement

Nakashima Yasuharu, PhD; Ishikawa Kunio, PhD

Competition Sponsor: Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development

Carbonate apatite honeycomb (CO3Ap HC) arterial bone is the first 100% chemically pure artificial bone made from bone mineral, i.e., carbonate apatite. CO3Ap artificial bone is replaced by actual bone with time based on so-called bone remodeling since CO3Ap artificial bone is resorbed by osteoclasts whereas hydroxyapatite (HAp) artificial bone is not resorbed by the osteoclasts and thus is stable at the bone defect. Additionally, CO3Ap artificial bone demonstrate much higher osteoconductivity (a property of bone formation on the artificial bone when implanted adjacent to an existing bone). Due to honeycomb structure, CO3Ap HC artificial bone is useful even for the reconstruction of tubular bone, and bone with haversian systems is regenerated.

Bone related disease are known as one of the key causes of nursing service. At present, autograft or allograft are the golden standard for the reconstruction of bone defect. However, invasion of the healthy site due to collection of autograft or infection risk are indispensable. 100% chemically pure CO3Ap HC artificial bone that has the same or higher function completely solve these problems, and contribute healthy long life. Preventing a sequence of bone fracture, bedridden man, dementia obviously contribute elder person’s health and Quality of Life.

CO3Ap HC arterial bone is produced by extruding calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and binder mixture through honeycomb die, fabricating raw material HC, followed by heat debindering to fabricate CaCO3 HC. The CaCO3 HC thus fabricated is immersed in the phosphate salt solution for dissolution-precipitation reaction, where composition of the CaCO3 HC became CO3Ap maintaining honeycomb structure of the CaCO3 HC. After optimization of the larger size CO3Ap HC and biological safety test etc., Collaborating company is planning to manufacture and sell CaCO3 HC.

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