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OaCP: Rapid and Precise Innovative Diagnostics

Enrico Di Oto, BS, MD, PhD | OACP IE LTD | Simone Di Giacomo, PhD; Andrea Faviere, EMBA; Feliziano Balladori
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EIT Health of the European Union

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OACP is a life-saving force, accelerating essential DNA tests for cancer and infections, enhancing speed and accessibility. As a pioneering biotech startup, OACP is revolutionizing cancer diagnosis through its medically-approved technology. With an initial market opportunity of USD2B, the company has achieved a significant global footprint across 17 countries, boasting esteemed partnerships with industry giants like Roche. Under the leadership of a team with a collective experience of over a century, OACP presents an alluring investment prospect within the thriving biotech domain. Supporting OACP translates to advancing the well-being of cancer patients while reaping the rewards of an innovative startup.
In the realm of genetic testing for cancer and infectious disease diagnosis, precision and time are paramount. OaCP is at the forefront of transformation with its cutting-edge chemical reagents. These reagents optimize DNA reactions in three critical dimensions: enabling DNA double helix denaturation, fostering DNA-biomarker hybridization, and refining the reaction environment. Yet, OaCP’s contributions extend further. Its products seamlessly complement commercial biomarkers, slashing testing duration by an impressive 97% and reducing overall expenses by a remarkable 50%. Envision the capability to diagnose life-threatening illnesses within just two hours, defying the conventional span of days or weeks.
OaCP’s revolutionary technology, coupled with an extensive product range, empowers laboratories to deliver speedier, more precise diagnoses, all while achieving significant time and cost savings. The benefits radiate throughout, constituting a triumphant outcome for all stakeholders involved.

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