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oBreathe - A dynamic patient-specific implant for chest wall reconstruction

Donato Monopoli, MSc | osteobionix; Belinda Mentado, MSc; Francesco La Palombara, MSc, EMBA
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EIT Health of the European Union

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People who need extensive chest wall reconstruction due to tumoral lesions, congenital malformations, severe trauma or post-operative complications are subject to impairment of physiologic breathing, discomfort, pain, deformity and severe risk of infection and re-intervention. oBreathe is an industry-first, patent-protected, clinically validated, patient-specific dynamic chest wall reconstruction implant, developed with Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias, a public research institute in Spain, and skilled thoracic surgeons, which allows for physiologic breathing and restores chest wall shape and function. Successfully implanted in Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA, oBreathe has improved the life standards of 80+ patients to date. Case studies have been published on international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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