Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Oral Precision Medicine - Rapid and painless treatment of periodontal disease using a bacteriophage spray

Ping-Ching Wu, PhD; Chun-Chan Ting, PhD; Cheng-Hung Luo, PhD; Pei-Yu Tu, PhD

Competition Sponsor: Academia Sinica of Taiwan

In 2019, WHO has classified periodontal disease as a global chronic disease, and the increasing risk by oral pathogens strongly impacts aging health issue. This project plans to establish a non-invasive, precise, painless and non-antibiotic formulation for periodontal disease treatments. Using the bacteriophages, the formulated oral spray can precisely kill specific periodontal pathogens without damaging normal tissues. Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria, replicating and multiplying using host resources. For specific infections, bacteriophages have attracted interests and been developed as therapeutic agents. Our team has been working on the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal pathogens for many years and is composed of biomedical engineer, immunological and clinical dentistry experts. We will establish a phage bio-bank and apply the phage spray in clinical treatment to improve the periodontal-aging disease under a non-invasive and non-adverse process. We believe we can make this research project a success in the shortest possible time.

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