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Development of an Intelligent Robotic Knee Device to Support and Monitor Rehabilitation Therapy for the Ageing Population with Knee Osteoarthritis

Catalyst Awardee
  Aiqin Liu, PhD, Shane Xie, PhD, and Louise Jennings, PhD Competition Sponsor: UK Research and Innovation “Knee osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of chronic pain and disability…
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Automatically Refocusing Reading Glasses

Konrad, Robert, PhD; Nitish Padmanaban, PhD; Kevin Boyle, PhD Competition Sponsor: US National Academy of Medicine With age, humans gradually lose the ability to focus to near distances. By their late 40s, most people struggle to view objects within arm’s reach clearly, making it difficult to read text on a…
Catalyst Awardee

Development of High Throughput 3D-Patient Cancer Culture System with Anticancer Drug Exposure Through Blood Capillary

Matsusaki Michiya, PhD; Katayama Ryohei, PhD Competition Sponsor: Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development “ancer is still unsolved severe disease because of the inter- and intra-tumor genetic heterogeneity. Thus, personalized cancer medicine has been strongly desired to find the best therapeutic strategy for each patient. To achieve it, in…
Catalyst Awardee

Research and development of a system for the fabrication and collection of autologous morselized bone for spinal fusion surgery

Zan Chen, MD; Wanru Duan; Qiang Jian Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Most spinal surgery requires bone fusion. Bone grafts or bone substitutes are often used to achieve bone fusion during the spinal fusion surgery. Compared with allograft, bone xenograft and artificial bone substitutes, patient-derived autogenous bone granules…
Catalyst Awardee

Systematic Research and Development of a Novel Stentoplasty System with Metallic Stents and Ceramic Bone Void Fillers

Guo Qian; Nie Yongjia; Jiao Zengxiao; Sun Lingli Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Percutaneous kyphoplasty (PKP) for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures has issues such as balloon “rebound” effect, loss of the vertebral height, and loss of vertebral stability due to the high stress concentration caused…
Catalyst Awardee

Artificial intelligence aided drug discovery of CDK12 inhibitors-system construction and application

Ma Fei; Wen Tingyu; Wang Jun; Xie Guotong; Yi Zongbi Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Although the successful development of antibody drugs and small-molecule tyrosinase inhibitors (TKI) targeting HER2 has significantly improved the survival time of HER2-positive breast cancer patients, most patients will eventually develop primary or acquired…

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