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Damien Roche and Marc Bardgett, Lifebloom Competition Sponsor: EIT Health The current model of wheelchair placement for frail adults removes autonomy, overloads caregivers with dependency care and decreases the patient’s…
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Catalyst Awardee

mioTest® Advanced

Marco Domenicali, Enrico Lenzi, Riccardo Piccioli, Antonio Domenicali, Daniela Viroli, and Carolina Magnolfi, Mysurable Competition Sponsor: EIT Health Mysurable has created the mioTest® system, an innovative, cloud-based solution to detect sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the excessive muscular mass loss, age-related, one of main causes of frailty in the elderly. It can…
Catalyst Awardee

The Next Generation of Virtual Reality Therapeutics

Simon Bruntse Andersen, MSc, and Steen Vejen Petersen, MSc, Syncsense Competition Sponsor: EIT Health We are combatting age-related inactivity. Through the development of the next generation of virtual reality therapeutics, we strive to prevent inactivity and sensory deprivation. Currently, we are developing a digital health product that enables caregivers to…
Catalyst Awardee

RAMPmedical: Respiratory Infections

Helene Schönewolf, Jacques Ehret, and Alejandra Abal, RAMPmedical Competition Sponsor: EIT Health RAMPmedical is an evidence and AI based therapy decision support tool that helps doctors to find the right treatment for patients and to stay up to date with the latest drug information. The software brings transparency to treatment…
Catalyst Awardee

Route Guidance for Blind and Visually Disabled People

Jonathan Sonne Andersen, MSc, Per Friis, and Anders Borum, MSc, NaviBlind ApS; and Garrett Seepersad, PhD Competition Sponsor: EIT Health NaviBlind allows blind or visually impaired users to walk to new destinations on their own, without prior instructions. The app works by delivering navigation messages with better than one-meter accuracy.…
Catalyst Awardee


Eugene Nayshtetik, MSc, Olga Chumakova, MSc, and Dmitry Chernetchenko, PhD, Lorton Investments Competition Sponsor: EIT Health SenceBand is one and only clinically proven wearable HRV monitor for one hand that is compliant to the International Standards of Measurement, Physiological Interpretation, and Clinical Use of Heart Rate Variability. SenceBand is convenient…
Catalyst Awardee

Topical Bioadhesive Ocular Insert

Jean Garrec, Pharm.D., M.B.A., and Jean Cuine, Pharm.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., Bioadhesive Ophthalmics, France
Competition Sponsor: EIT Health The lack of adherence to Rx eye drops is the #1 Unmet Medical need in Ophthalmology, especially for the elderly population. Poor treatment Compliance and Adhesion leads to a worse progression of Eye…
Catalyst Awardee


Vincent Bouchiat, PhD, Behnaz Djoharian, Leonel Marques, PhD, and Riadh Othmen, PhD, GRAPHEAL Competition Sponsor: EIT Health Grapheal is developing WoundLAB as digital assistant for a wound care. It is based on an innovative electronic patch enabling continuous remote monitoring of wound healing. It involves novel bioelectronic material (graphene) as…

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