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Personalised Medication: Healthy Longevity Thanks to the Power of Omics

Herna Muñoz-Galeano, Dipl.Ing. Dipl.Inf. | HMG Systems Engineering GmbH; PGXperts Team
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EIT Health of the European Union

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Although life expectancy at birth has increased significantly, we will most likely be ill and taking medications for about 20% of our lifetime. Elderly chronically ill patients are typically multimorbid and have a complex diagnosis and medication regimen. Healthcare professionals are challenged to prescribe the right medication in a safe and effective manner, as pharmacology becomes more complex and there is limited time to assess each patient.
The CDSS PGXperts System is a comprehensive decision support system to optimise complex medication scenarios based on demographic and diagnostic data, determination of drug interactions risks and non-predictive genomics data. The interpretation of the individual genetic makeup enables a tailor-made pharmacotherapy with regard to the patient’s diagnosis and medication.
With its PGXperts System, HMG has succeeded in significantly reducing the complexity involved in interpreting pharmacogenomics data. The innovative medical software solution enables a joint view of complex data that previously had to be considered completely separately. It enables large volumes of pharmacogenetic data to be processed, interpreted, stored and reported in a simple and highly automated manner and makes the translation of scientific insights in pharmacogenetics into clinical routine a reality.
HMG is a technology scale-up based in Fuerth (Bavaria, Germany). In the implementation of PGXperts, the company excels in complexity management and establishing innovation processes. PGXperts System realises the vision of personalised medication, incorporating ‘omics’ data in the clinical routine, opening groundbreaking opportunities for patients, physicians, laboratories, hospitals and healthcare providers as well as for the pharmaceutical industry and research centers.

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