Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Preparation of VEGF-loaded trihydroxyflavone-copper ion complex microflower and its application in promoting angiogenesis

Xiaoli Wang, PhD; Jing Yang, PhD; Hailing Zhang, MD; Xiaoyu Liang, MD; Huiyang Li; Youlu Chen; Rong Xu; Kaijing Liu; Xue Fu; Limei Liu | Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Chinese
Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Award year:  2021

Improving the blood perfusion of patients with lower limb ischemia, improving the life quality of patients, and reducing the disability and mortality rates have been clinical practical problems that need to be resolved urgently. In this project, baicalein coordinated with copper ions to form microflowers, and VEGF was loaded into the microflowers to construct a multifunctional delivery system. Its therapeutic effect was verified through in vitro cell culture and in vivo mouse hindlimb ischemia models. The advantages combination of biomaterials and growth factor therapy may find new strategies for the clinical treatment of lower limb ischemic diseases. The research include: 1) VEGF was loaded into baicalein-Cu(II) complexes microflowers, obtaining a multifunctional delivery system; 2) The cytotoxicity, anti-inflammatory effects and angiogenesis of the delivery system were evaluated in vitro; 3) The therapeutic effect and mechanism verification of hindlimb ischemia in diabetic mice. Baicalein and copper ions, which can regulate inflammation and promote angiogenesis, respectively. The system coupled with the functions of growth factors and biomaterials, and effectively overcomes the difficulties faced by current factor therapy, bringing new hope for the treatment of lower extremity arterial disease.

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