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Project Description

RAMPmedical: Respiratory Infections

Helene Schönewolf, Jacques Ehret, and Alejandra Abal | RAMPmedical
Competition Sponsor: EIT Health
Awardee Year: 2020

RAMPmedical is an evidence and AI based therapy decision support tool that helps doctors to find the right treatment for patients and to stay up to date with the latest drug information. The software brings transparency to treatment decisions: doctors can fully evaluate the available options to select the best available therapy, based on the patient’s diagnosis and vital parameters.

RAMPmedical analyses current treatment guidelines and medical research and presents the results in an accessible way so doctors can understand the information and avoid mistakes. The software is validated with doctors from our network but particularly with our medical advisory board.

We have a medical device for 4 diseases. The objective of this project is to offer a therapy decision support tool for COVID-19, including the complications related, and new treatments. We will distribute this solution for free among medical professionals. As a result, we want to help doctors with the treatment of COVID-19 but also be recognized as an accurate therapy decision support and fast answering software.

We are in a pilot project with CHUV (University hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland) and Charité (University hospital in Berlin, Germany). On top of this, we have a sales cooperation with Siemens Healthineers, SVA, and Emperra. We are in current communication with DrungBank (Canada) for collaboration regarding software development but also distribution.

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