Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Rewiring inter-organ immuno-metabolic crosstalks in the ageing bone marrow

Nakamura-Ishizu Ayako, PhD, MD; Weiqiang Chen, PhD, MS; Celia Martinez-Jimenez, MS, PhD

Competition Sponsor: Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development

Ageing is characterised by the progressive decline of physiological and cellular functions. However, little is known about how our different tissues respond to aging and whether every cell in our body has the same susceptibility to age-related disorders. We aim to understand the cross communication between organs during ageing, and study whether the intervention in one organ might help to restore certain functionalities in another organ. Our project especially focuses on the aging in the liver and bone marrow and how the aging process in the two organs interact. We will use cutting-edge technologies to explore the effects of ageing in individual cells using advanced genomics and novel methodologies to model aging in a dish. Our multidisciplinary team will tackle basic open research questions about how and when to intervene with dietary or pharmacological interventions to improve the opportunities of good quality of life during aging (healthy aging).

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