Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Salvus Health: Preventive Point-of-Care Platform

Philip Van den Bergh, BSc, MSc; Salvador Severich, BSc, MSc; Axel Vulsteke, BSc

Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union

Salvus Care 1.0 is a Point-of-Care solution that enables consumers/users take measurements at their community pharmacies, for the early detection of symptoms that can be associated with common chronic conditions, such as a heart disease.

The value proposition of our MVP is focused on enabling consumers to take control of their health by helping them to understand the importance of regular monitoring of certain vital health parameters, instruct them in the correct use of the medical devices involved and, once the measurements have taken place, give the right context to the results obtained. Medical devices are available in the pharmacy at zero (or very little) cost to the user, lowering the barrier to perform regular checks.

The MVP consists of the following:

  • a native application (on an tablet) that integrates three medical devices, placed in a private, but well-accessible corner in the pharmacy. The setup allows the measurement of:
    • ¬†Medical parameters (7): blood pressure, heart rhythm (with atrial fibrillation detection), heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, BMI, belly circumference.
    • Body parameters (4): body fat percentage, muscle mass, lean body mass and bone mass.
  • a mobile-first web application that allows registered users to save their results and track them over time. Also, it allows for convenient sharing of the obtained results with their care team.
  • a back-end infrastructure that securely and efficiently stores the data capture at the POC with the native application and allows to display it remotely in the web application.

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