Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Serenno Sentinel

Tomer Lark, B. Des; Noam Hadas, MA, MSc; Sagie Meshulam, BSc

Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union

The Serenno Sentinel is a novel medical device used to monitor, predict, identify and avoid common, life threatening complications in Intensive Care hospitalizations such as Acute Kidney Injury – a deadly ICU risk with a yearly estimated death-toll of 300,000 lives in the US alone (tripling mortality), and no cure after onset.
Serenno is using a robust, hands-free, low cost and non-invasive device, measuring accurate, ongoin.g Urine Output (currently collected and calculated manually in hospitals around the world). Allowing contact free monitoring for hospitalized patients as well as quarantined and home ICU patients. Using the system medical personnel would reduce their exposure and only be alerted to conditions requiring immediate attention, and will be able to predict and avoid AKI with no need for massive interventions, and so significantly improving patient health by reducing risk, decreasing hospital length of stay and decrease hospital costs.

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