Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

Systematic Research and Development of a Novel Stentoplasty System with Metallic Stents and Ceramic Bone Void Fillers

Guo Qian; Nie Yongjia; Jiao Zengxiao; Sun Lingli | Beijing KeYi Medical Device Technology Co.,Ltd
Competition Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Award year: 2021

Percutaneous kyphoplasty (PKP) for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures has issues such as balloon “rebound” effect, loss of the vertebral height, and loss of vertebral stability due to the high stress concentration caused by the mismatch between acrylic bone cement and vertebral body in terms of elastic modulus. This project aims to develop a novel stentoplasty system that is composed of metallic stents and ceramic bone void fillers. The project will use the finite element analysis to innovatively design the cobalt-based metallic stents, and apply laser cutting technology and stent compression technology to manufacture metallic stents of various specifications. Under the theoretical guidance of tissue-inducing biomaterials originated in China, the project will also develop calcium phosphate-based osteoinductive bone void fillers, and thus provide a total product solution with a minimally invasive stentoplasty system composed of both ceramic bone void fillers and metallic stents. This project is expected to effectively solve the existing clinical issues of PKP, bring zero-to-one breakthroughs of minimally invasive stentoplasty in China, and fill the gap in Chinese domestic market of percutaneous vertebral augmentation products.

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