Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

The Rehabilitation Gaming System Ecosystem


Santiago Brandi, CEO | Eodyne
Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union
Awardee Year: 2022

Health services are increasingly moving towards a treatment continuum aligned with the patient journey from the clinic to the home environment. This transition will critically depend on the successful deployment of trustworthy AI-enhanced technologies for data processing, diagnostics, prognostics, and patient-tailored intervention that are accurate, secure, and trusted by clinicians and patients alike. Eodyne is leading a number of initiatives to develop and validate operating procedures and guidelines for integrating AI in healthcare, focussing on post-stroke rehabilitation, the second leading cause of death worldwide and the primary contributor to the burden of neurological disease with over 13.5 million stroke cases every year and a total population of chronic stroke survivors of 80 million.


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