Catalyst Awardee

Project Description

The Sensa System by Advosense

Martina Viduka, RN, MSc; Erin Webb, MSc., PhD Candidate; Florian Gmeiner, B.Eng

Competition Sponsor: EIT Health of the European Union

Advosense is on a mission to transform geriatric care. We are empowering clinicians to know when, where and how to best respond to their patient’s needs by using intelligent sensors to do so. Starting with incontinence, The Sensa System by Advosense, a bedside incontinence management system including, disposable sensors and a web application detects patients and resident’s incontinence episodes, providing real-time notifications to their caregivers so they can be cared for and managed effectively in hospitals and nursing homes. 70% of nursing home residents in Germany are suffering from incontinence, which only affects quality of life, but can cause serious complications such as pressure ulcers, falls and urinary tract infections. In Germany, the treatment of pressure ulcers costs up to €2.3 billion per year. There is no current best practice for managing incontinence contributing to these indirect costs. The Sensa System by Advosense not only provides empathic, quality care but helps our clinicians in a resource constrained, episodic environment; reducing costs, increasing the quality of life for our patients, families and caregivers, and ultimately advocating for an age friendly, healthy society.

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