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Vibration Motor Stimulation Device in Smart Leggings that Promotes Motor Performance in Older Adults

Javier Muñoz Vidal, PhD; Valeria Bravo Carrasco MsC. ;  Jéssica Espinoza Araneda, MsC; Cristian Caparrós Manosalva, MsC | University of Talca
Competition Sponsor: Chile Agencia Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo
Awardee Year: 2022

Aging, the presence of diseases added to inadequate lifestyles and unfavorable living conditions, favor functional limitations in the elderly. Loss of muscle mass and strength, balance and gait disturbances, are highly prevalent among older people and increase the risk of falls, disability and dependency. Considering the current situation in our country as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this unfavorable situation has been exacerbated by increasing inactivity and home confinement, which ultimately impacts their ability to carry out activities. Intervention strategies aimed at mobility, balance and gait are essential. Physical exercise and rehabilitation programs are often difficult to access, compromising adherence.
“Vibration Motor Stimulation Device in Smart Leggings that Promotes Motor Performance in Older Adults” offers the possibility of favoring muscular condition, balance and gait through a technological solution, in a garment that is low cost, comfortable and that It can be used as the first or second layer of clothing on a daily basis, while carrying out activities of daily living, which could help maintain and/or improve functional conditions, complement intervention strategies and favor the functionality of the elderly. The garment incorporates technical characteristics associated with textiles and the integration of electronics to generate focal vibratory stimulation integrated into the garment. This could contribute to a better quality of muscle contraction and thus also improve balance and gait.

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